Ministers and Leaders are in positions somewhat similar to the chief executives of other local non-profit organizations. They are more skillful managers, problem solvers, planners, delegators, thinkers, change agents, shepherds, inspirers, multitaskers and students, and demonstrate themselves to be persons of integrity, dignity and morality, in service of humanity.  

Spirituality gives transcendent meaning to life

Spirituality can be defined most generally as that which gives transcendent meaning and purpose to life. It refers to the universal human need for love, hope, happiness, peace, relatedness, value, wisdom and dignity

  • Spirituality is concerned with the sacredness of life
  • Spirituality often includes a direct experience of the Sacred, the Holy and the Divine
  • Spirituality has many form of manifestations
  • Philosophy of life
  • Core human values knowledge
  • Wealth and prosperity
  • Materialization of dreams
  • Set of life-defining beliefs and practices

Belief  represents the truths claims I make as a result of my spiritual journey.  When, as a result of my spiritual striving, I decide that “this is true” and “this is not” I am articulating various “beliefs” that I hold because of experiences I have had while trying to satisfy my innate sense of faith (i.e., that innate human longing for meaning, purpose, and significance) by engaging in various spiritual practices and pursuits.

 The World Organization of Natural Medicine (WONM)  is an international politically and religiously neutral humanitarian non- governmental Organization (NGO).It adopts the WHO Alma Ata declaration_ and is a member of United Nations (UN) Global compact mandate.


Being a volunteer with  our Order is an opportunity to make other people's lives better; especially in light of recent humanitarian events in the world.

We are called to serve the neediest of the most disadvantaged people of the earth and seek to relieve their suffering and to assist in making sustainable improvements in their lives. 
We seek to engage them, to promote their voice and to offer our hands and feet in service.
We respect those in need as active participants, not passive recipients, in this relationship.
We regard all individuals as created and loved by God.
We believe that healthcare should not focus on for profit care but geared towards self-care, prevention of disease and sustainable development of rural communities.

We are not owners of the resources made available to us on behalf of the forgotten of this world.
We are partners with those we serve as well as with those who invest into our shared mission.
Our relationships are purposeful, diverse, and encourage mutual participation in achieving WONM’s mission.WONM seeks cooperation and partnerships with other organizations and groups that share our vision.

Llb, Lld, University, Paris X Nanterre-Visiting Professor,University Vasile, Godis Arad, Romania GC, Aquila d'Epirio, graduated in Law(1971), Professorship 2005, Professor of Theology (Ruggero II University (Roma,Bangul-Republic of Gambia). Grand Officer of the Order of St.Peter and St.Paul (Greek Orthodox Church, Damascus (1988). Grand Cross of Justice - OSJ, Grand Cross of Justice dell'Aquila d'Epiro Cdr. of Mérite de la République Centrafricaine(1978) Croix d'honneur A.E.C.O.P.S.D. (European Law Enforcement).

Ministerial Leaders stimulate transformative vision, enhance leadership effectiveness and humanitarian acumen, and develop planning and execution capacity among affiliates.  It supports them to pursue ambitious human development projects, goals and objectives, particularly where these leaders and ministers represent geographies that are experiencing large disparities, by fostering shared priorities and closer collaboration among education, health and finance institutions for accelerating human development and realizing economic growth and prosperity.

The Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul's Institute offers you a wide range of Biblical Studies as well as Theology. Gain a degree with a submitted thesis, or if you are working for the Christian Community Development you might get an "Honorary degree". We are not a diploma Mill and are accredited worldwide by various Theological Institutes and University with Campus. Our aim is to pomote a really oecumenical Learning Center.

Hr. H.E. Sir. Lt. Dr. Rev. Raphael Louis
Humanitarian and Church Ministry

Hospitality,defense of the feeble and the persecuted, teaching and care of the sicks are the human and earthly manifestation of the Divine part in us.In actual fact the heavenly origin of the Chivalric Orders goes back to the Patriarch Abraham, Loth and Tobie; They exercised hospitality when hosting the angels.During the Roman Empire the Orders took shape,but it is truly with the birth of the Christian religion that several hospitaller Institutions were born.

Those who welcomed our Lord.Martha devoted herself to thrift and hospitality.The very first Christian Order (St.Lazarus)was established while the first Council of Jerusalem by the Apostles, after Pentecost,before parting,in 34A.D.Titus(+96A.D.) was already at Paul'side.Paul and Barnabas helped St Peter to set up the Antioch See in 42A.D.One may say the Order of St Paul was already established as an Ordo.

recent projects

The Global Clean Water Project for Haiti (GCWPH) is able to work with local, regional, and international partners to provide access to clean water as well as sanitation program.

mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate defend the poor and those in need.

Most Rev. Prof. Dr. Frederick Burcklé is the Founder Lt. General of Militia Sancti Pauli, the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Lutheran Institute-Institution Sancti Pauli (2000A.D.) and the Order of Saint Paul (OSP) and Dean, Rev. Prof. Dr. Frederic P. Burcklé, hire lay faculty and staff without references to religious affiliation and admitted students on the same basis. Consequently, the student body is a religious mix of Protestants from any denominations, Roman Catholics, and even other Faiths consistent with its international characters.

Cdr. Lady Christine Bissonnette
Commandery of Ontario

National Prison Ministry

Dame Dr. Sheila McKenzie

Commandery of Ontario (Canada)

Healthcare Reform